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Song of Four Seasons

Since flowers are blossoming on this mountain and that mountain, it must be Spring!
Even though Spring had come, living in the world feels lonely,
I was youthful yesterday, and now it is deplorable that I am old and gray!
My youth years have abandoned me and left without slowing down,
So what is the use of welcoming Spring knowing that it will come and go!
Hey Spring, come and go as you please!
When you go and Summer comes, green leaves will generate great landscape.
It had been said a long ago, Summer goes by and Fall returns,
The wind blowing with fallen leaves may be disruptive, but how about the undeniable season that converts country with brown autumnal tints?
Fall goes by and Winter returns,
And tree branches fall with cold wind,
Only when white snow fall drifts to convert the world into silver,
All of the white months, white snow falls, and the white world are friends of gray hair.
Unsympathetic time will pass by without friends,
If you let your youth to pass by and get old without care, it is hard to be young again!
All the friends who I can communicate with in this world,
Please listen to what I have to say.
Let say a total time of life is a hundred years,
Subtracting all the days that we are sick, dormant, worrying and heart aching,
A life that is less than forty years left to live,
And if we die without knowing, then we'll end up being the soil of the ever growing mountain!
All the good food that you can have at your funeral can not be better than drinking a glass of wine when you were alive.
Time, time, time don't pass by,
All the precious youthful days are getting old!
Time, don't pass by! What Can I do with passing time?
Tie them all at the end, at the tip of sagging Cinnamon tree,
Then orderly capture all those who abuse nation's food supply,
Those who disrespecting parents,
Those who can't bring peace among siblings,
And send them first to hell,
And let's sit down with the rest of good friends to drink one more glass,
Saying "drink no more",
And have fun while doing what we have to do.

Song of Four Seasons Korean Lyric (printable Korean)