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Eul Wha

This theatrical performance was based on a story written by well known Korean writer Kim Dong Lee. The synopsis of this story begins with a mother who is a shamen practitioner who sends off his son to a Buddist temple, but ending up becoming a Christian. When they meet again, the son does not accept what she does and destroys her belongings to make her stop doing what she does. During the confrontation, mother kills her son with a kitchen knife due to spiritual influence. After killing her son, her life deteriorates. Then, she gets a request to free a trapped soul of a drownded woman. There she fails to rescue the woman's soul and dies by drowning.

Moon Oak Joo wrote and performed a Pansori style song to describe the ending scene of the play. The play was exceptional and was praised by many audience and medias.

Eul Hwa Performance Video

First Concert with
Korean Cultural Human Assets

This is one of Moon Oak Joo's latest events that she participated in. There were many well known Korean performers and Korean Human Cultural Assets performed at this event. Moon Oak Joo was very pleased to have met some of the performers she knew back in Korea.

This performance event was so good that many audience wanted to see them perform another day, but due to the Korean performers' schedule, they couldn't perform for an additional day.

This event was sponsored by Korean Cultural Center, The Korean American Association of New Jersey, The Korean American Association of Greater New York, Korean Broadcasting Network, and few others.

Although this performance was geared more towards the performers from Korea, Moon Oak Joo was happy to see that audience was very pleased with the top level performances that this event produced.

Festival of Traditional and Avant-garde Music CODES Festival in Lublin, Poland

Place: Lublin, Poland
Time: 19th of May, 2011

We are very excited and proud to announce this news to everyone who appreciate Pansori performance by Moon Oak Joo.
Moon Oak Joo is invited to participate in this global festival event.
This is one of the most interesting event due to its diversity and the artists who are invited from all over the world.
The information about the event can be seen on
You can see and feel the event through these photographs from the last year's event
Moon Oak Joo invited Han, In Seog (Goh Soo) drummer from Korea to this event to show the world about the beauty of Pansori. This is the first time for traditional Pansori to be performed at this particular event.
These are the photographs from this unique event after we safely return from what could be an awakening event for people around the world.

Here are two short footages of the performance by kuzmu44o and rosdroza2016 that you can see.


No East (No W)est : a work in progress in New York, New York

Everything that has ever lived is living now. We can only speak the words "Thank you" and "I'm sorry" from either side of the curtain of not-separate.

These are the photos of the lastest perfomance with Monika Gross and Moon Oak Joo.
This was an unique opportunity to see a mixture of Korean Traditional Arts and Japanese Cultural Art in one perfomance piece.
A rare performance piece that you won't find anywhere else in the world.
Monika Gross performing Butoh dance while Moon Oak Joo performing Pansori.
This perfomance piece is in progress, so there will be additional performances for you to come and feel this performance yourself.

Theun Sueh Performance

This particular event was directed and produced by Kwon, Chil Sung, and Moon Oak Joo was invited as a special appearance performer for the event. This successful performance event was held in Georgia while Kwon, Chil Sung temporarily decided to relocate himself from Broadway in Manhattan to Suwanee, Georgia.

Kwon, Chil Sung is a Sul Jang Goo performer who has three Korean President Awards on his belt. His first Korean President Award was awarded when he was at the age of 16. He was the youngest person ever to win Korean President Award at such a young age, and still believed to hold that record to this date. Kwon, Chil Sung, other than Moon Oak Joo, is the only person who won Korean President Award for Korean Traditional Performance and resides outside of Korea.

Kwon, Chil Sung is currently operating and based in Los Angeles, California while teaching and perfomring for others who enjoy his art. He is a passionate performance artist who wants to show the world about the beauty of Korean Performance Arts.

Theun Sueh is the name given by his teacher for his exceptional skills and talents, and many people in Korea know him by this name.

His perfomance is a must see!

Bhang Jah Jhun Performance

Bhang Jah Jhun Performance was Moon Oak Joo's second full theatrical performance piece that she produced and directed.
This performance piece is a part of Choon Hyang Jhun, and was scripted to fit the need of the audiences.
Also, Moon Oak Joo invited other talented Korean traditional arts performers and musicians to exhibit their works.
The preparation for this complete performance piece took about one year and many months of rehearsals.

Click here to view the Bhang Jah Jhun playbill

Click here to view the performance pictures

This performance event was praised by The Korea Times, JoongAng Daily, The Segye Times, and Mom & I magazine.
Not knowing what to expect, everyone was stunned by the performance.
This performance event was reviewed as a must see event.

Other Special Appearance Performances

Korean Lunar Cultural Festival 2007, Maryland

This particular event was the 2nd annual Korean Lunar Cultural Festival in Maryland. Moon Oak Joo decided to articipate in this event to show the beauty of Pansori for the people of Maryland.

Although Moon Oak Joo had been participating in numerous Korean Lunar Cultural Festival here in New York and New Jersey, she felt that it would be nice to show Pansori performance in Maryland because it is rare to see Pansori performance in the U.S.A..

She had a very warm welcome from the poeple of Maryland.

Sung Chang Soon's 9th
Pansori Master Performance

This particular event was directed and produced by Sung Chang Soon (Korean National Human Cultural Asset No.5) in Korea, and she also is Moon Oak Joo's teacher for Shim Chung Gah. After Moon Oak Joo winning the competition in 1998, Pansori master Sung Chang Soon decided to invite her to perform at this Pansori Master Performance.

Basically this performance event was the cream of the crop Pansori singers gathering together to bring about historical event. Moon Oak Joo was very happy to have participated in this event because she got to meet old Pansori friends that she couldn't meet for decades.

Although we do not have photos from the event, we are most certain that there are video footages from the event somewhere in the archieves. If you come accross it, please let us know so that we can share them with the people in the U.S.A..

Shim Chung Gah Performance

This performance event was Moon Oak Joo's first performance after winning the Korean Presidential Award. Moon Oak Joo prduced and directed this Shim Chung Gah Performance. She chose Shim Chung Gah because she won the Korean Presidential Award with this Pansori song.

This was the celebration concert for opening Moon Oak Joo Traditional Arts and Music Center. This was a very successful event which led to Moon Oak Joo's second performance event.