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Korean Presidential Award

This particular award is given to only one person every year, and some of the competitors have tried over 10 years and even upto 30 years to get this award. For many of them, they failed to do so due to its extreme competitiveness.

The reason for its difficulty lies on the number of competitors. Because this event is a national event, the number of participants is staggeringly high. For Moon Oak Joo to receive this award, she had to compete with the winners from all different fields of Korean Traditional Performance Arts.

It is also highly sought after because this particular award is given by the Korean President, and this can lead an artist to become a national treasure or national human asset. It is the highest level sought by all artists in Korea. This award was given by the Korean President Kim, Dae Joong on September 24, 1998.

Sung, Chang Soon Certification

This particular certification is given only to a person who inherits Sung, Chang Soon style of Pansori (Korean Traditional Opera), which was inherited down from other great Pansori (Korean Traditional Opera) singers from the past.

There are many different styles of singing the Korean Traditional Opera due to the way it was passed down for the past hundreds of years. Unlike the Western style of opera where lyrics were written down, the Korean Traditional Opera was passed down only by the sheer memory of the Pansori singers. A song can last up to six hours and more, and memorization was the only way to pass down the songs to another Pansori singer. Students had to learn by listening to how the teacher sing.

It is this nature of learning where different styles or familes comes from. Belonging to a certain family tree is very important and crutial. Without the recognition of a particular style of the teacher, it is hard to get ahead in Korean Traditional Art world as tradition is the key factor in its importance. Moon Oak joo successfully inherited Shim Chung Gah from Pansori master Sung Chang Soon, and this certificate verifies it.

City Council Citation

This New York City Council Citation was given to Moon Oak Joo by New York City Council Member Paul Vallone for her exemplary contribution to New York City communities.

Certificate of Appreciation

This Certificate of Appreciation was given to Moon Oak Joo by Korean War Veterans Central Long Island Chapter for her contribution to the Korean War Veterans in Central Long Island.

Accomplishment Award

This particular Accomplishment Award was given Moon Oak Joo from Traditional Art Society of Korea to honor her life long accomplishment of educating, enhancing, and raising the standard of Korean Traditional Arts throughout the U.S.A.

Appointment Certification

This particular appointment certification was given to Moon Oak Joo to be a participating judge for the 5th Korean Traditional Arts Competition that was conducted by Korean American Traditional Art Development Association.